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Betsy Haas was awesome – I had a lot of fun.  She had the entire class walking around and pretending they had on super tight underwear…everyone was laughing so hard.  I thought she really made the point that in order to be great leaders we have to maintain a balance not only for ourselves, but for the work that we do and the clients and colleagues that we work with.  2011 CAEYC Annual Conference & Expo

Betsy Haas Is Committed to Trainining Others How to Lead Effectively

Leadership is a learned skill.  Somewhere, s o m e t i m e, the leader within each of US will get the call to step forward.  Leadership is everyone’s business.  Leadership is a relationship.  Leadership development is self development.  Leadership is learned.  Leadership development is not an event – it’s an ongoing process.

This keynote focuses on assisting people see what the characteristics of effective leadership are and that each of us posses those qualities that just need to be developed.  Once this positive power is owned and used productively organizations blossom to new heights with grace and ease.


The Good Reports Just Keep Coming in…

Carrie Murphy
Ventura County Office of Education
Betsy Haas Forms Instant Friendships with Conference Attendees

I’ve seen Betsy before and I  know when I go to see her that  I will always walk away happy, inspired and  renewed.  This time I walked away with real tools that I have already began using. She does such a poetic job of reminding us all that we are the ones in charge of our life!

Jessica Kemp
Early Childhood Consultant
Office of Education


WOW!  Your energy and uplifting words opened my eyes (and heart) to  so much about mentoring, coaching, and MYSELF today!  I’ve definitely been on the down slope (in the pit!) I’ve been teaching (kinder/1st grade) for 15 years, but due to the state of the state, I’ve been laid off 5 YEARS IN ROW-although I was rehired every year up until this year.  So, I have been barely staying afloat as a single mom on unemployment with teenagers….blah blah blah!!! But, (I mean AND)  I decided a year ago to back to school for my MS in Educational Admin./ Admin. Service Credential. (Yea! Crawling out)  You have inspired and affirmed  my decision towards a new path and I have gained greater confidence in my new position! I am ready to inspire, mentor, and coach teachers to aspire to reach and exceed their highest goals!

Thank you!

Susan Landon
New Mentor Coach/SETA-Sacramento