HAPPY 2009

As we are alive in the making of history, I know 2009 is a year that we will all not only remember but we will be making our individual histories and directing our own stories.  With the first African American president being inaugurated in a few weeks, with the rights of one segment of our population being taken to court in the same time, what are we afraid of.  I say by boycotting the inauguration because a homophobic minister is giving the opening prayer would make all of us in the same category, in a category of separating us from oneanother.  What is all this fear creating?  MORE fear!  It is all about SELF-ESTEEM!  If I truly love myself, then I can love my neighbor as myself.  If I am having poor self esteem, then I will keep other separtae from me.  We all know people with healthy self-esteem, they are the ones that raise us up while in their presence.  They see us as who we really are, not as someone to be feared.

In the long run, we are all created equal and I think at this time in history we have the obligation to make sure everyone is respected and celebrated, even those with different points of view.  It is time that PEACE reigns from within and thus transferred to all.  So lets all start celebrating who we are and those that are different than us. Just maybe we can really all have peace in our lives and witness it in the lives of others.  THINK ABOUT IT!


  1. Talk about self esteem. I think that as we enter this new era, self-esteem is what it is all about. You have taght us over and over that the root of all anxiety and anger and war is poor REAL healthy self esteem. What we are seeing wirh Rick Warren is the ego self-esteem and I thin that by having him do the inaugural prayer is like having Hitler do the kaddish during High Holy Days. Do we really have a country that is born of equality or is it just a thing when it is convienient? How did we get to be so dramatic about who counts and who does not?

  2. So what really is SELF ESTEEM? It is about how we feel about ourself. If we feel great about ourself, organically, then naturally we uplift others around us. If we don’t and it comes from ego we put others down to make ourself feel better about the “I”. The President Elect and his family have the REAL self esteem? Then I say how come we have a man at the “debut” of the new president that puts a whole population down? Yet, we all have the freedom to choose and be with whoever we want. Does water truly seek it’s own height?

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