As Summer time is upon us, many of us are looking at the first half of the year and seeking to see what we have done and what we want for the last half. Some of us are focussing more on our health, while others are focussing more on relationships (some healthy relationships) and others seeking to find new outlets for their creative expression/energy, and others are focussing on their spiritual side opening up while others are looking at abundance (I say that purposefully) in all areas of their life, not just money and possessions.

We have all been challenged as these new times create opportunities for growth. Are you surrounding yourself with the people who support you and your AWESOME ideas? Are you taking action? Are you simply tired and realizing that there has to be a different way because of the amount of energy you are putting out and the results are still a bit scattered, unfulfilling and simply not so interesting. Getting results is not the hard part, making them interesting and coming from our heart and passion is another story.

I am great at sales when I believe in what I am selling. I am totally alive and happy and filled with energy. When I am selling something that is just a product that brings in money, I am bored and almost limp inside. So I know that it is all about being heart and passion centered!

I invite you to look at your life and STOP and see if where you are is where you want to be. (Trick ?? because the answer is yes! Or you would be somewhere else.) Refocus and re-energize this very day and then move forward intentionally into the life you seek.

Balance is so important and without it there is not really a satisfaction that permeates our whole Being! If you need help, reach out to a trusted coach/friend/master mind group…just reach out to people who can really support you in your greatness on your journey called life!


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Generation to Generation

So we all know that life goes from generation to generation.  I think everything goes through cycles which creates generations.  Our hair comes from the genes which is generational and then we cut it and it recreates its own generation.  So when we think about relationships, they too go through generations, successful ones, be it intimate, work, friends, colleagues..anyone we grow with.  Think back to when any relation in your life was new/young and you will be able to see the generations they have gone through.  The good news is that we can effect our future by choices we make.  Therefore the genetics of any generation is filled with the genes of new things and in our lives, we can actually re-program our genes to create new experiences.  Life is full of breathing and as long as we are alive, we can touch everyone, therefore we ALWAYS effect generations simply by who we are!  Think and do something magnificent right now to touch another generation!  Yahoo!!!


Time is something that we all either don’t have enough of or too much of. (haha)  The truth is that the time we spend each day is what constitutes the TIME of our life.  We can either make it joyous or reallly tough.  I have experience of both ends and the best part of that is knowing and having a reference point of how I really want to live my life.  So as I enter into a brand new era of my life, that is today, I am choosing to make it joyful and this enriching not only my life and being able to laugh and hum great songs to myself, but I also get to be infectious to others.  Any thoughts?  Make them in alignment with how you want to spend your time.  You choose your TIME!!! Make it easy and realize that you only have to choose in this moment because that is all there really is!


Next weeks  Positive Quote of the Day’  is all about Time. 

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