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Betsy Haas is a veteran business professional with over 40 years experience developing a solid, heart-centered focus in strategic planning, visioning, goal setting, group facilitation, training, leadership development and motivational speaking that has enabled her to partner with a wide variety of organizations from corporate, to non-profit, to government.

Betsy customizes her approach and practical solutions for empowering individuals, teams and organizations that meet business criteria and fulfill the human needs of the workforce.

Comfortable in the board room, classroom, one-on-one, large and small groups and in a TV studios, Betsy uses her experience as a successful sales manager, leader and presenter to create meaningful change, produce affirming cultures and empower individuals to achieve successful results.

She is an in-demand speaker and is widely known for her “Positive Quote of the Day” column and “Positive Life Leadership Motivational Boot Camp” Webinars.

Her Train-the-Trainer programs for industry specific groups has resulted in trainers highly capable of training in-house employees. Betsy’s “Leadership Practices Institute” has won accolades throughout California and nationally.

She is a sought-after coach for performance-challenged employees for many entertainment studios, schools and non-profits as well as individual executives and people ready to grow into their visions.

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and equipped with a Bachelors of Science degree from Colorado State University in Child Development and Family Relationships, Betsy pursued her dream and moved to Southern California. In 1984 she obtained her masters degree at Pacific Oaks College with a focus in Human Development and concentrations in administration and adult learning.

While in graduate school, Betsy worked with the Head Start program in Hollywood before moving to Orange County, Calif. where she became the assistant director for the Orange County Department of Education’s Child Development Programs.

Her career expanded into sales where at Child Craft Education Corp, a division of The Walt Disney Company, she piloted the first region. After six years, Betsy traveled back to her home state of New Mexico to become the Bureau Chief of Children and Families. In 1993, she founded Esteemed Human Development International, Inc., which delivers high impact motivational programs.

In 1999, she was named “Business Woman of the Year” by the Business Alliance of Los Angeles.

Find out more about Betsy’s fresh, creative insights by requesting copies of her cable TV talk show, “Full Esteem Ahead,” aired on four public access channels throughout southern and northern California. Her show is also available for viewing on the Internet.

Betsy is a national and international motivational speaker, keynote speaker, business consultant, educator, life coach, minister, co-author and a cable TV talk show host. She currently resides in Southern California, loves to garden, work out, ride her bright pink scooter, meditate and play with her dogs Maddi and Max.